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Embroidered PatchesWith custom embroidered patches, you can now express your fashionable personality anytime, anywhere! If you want to advertise your company or organization in a very attractive way, no problem! Just choose your desired patch design and you’re all good to go. Show your creative and imaginative side and choose the best designs with various collections of custom patch options. You’ll never run out of custom embroidered patch choices with the full range of styles, colour, and attachment choices that will surely suit any purpose you have in your mind. Here at patches4less.com, all your top quality patches needs is not a problem and will be made for you at a very reasonable price.

You can choose your custom patch attachment with several custom patch backing options. Traditional sew-on patch backing, Velcro backing, tape backing, button loops, plastic backing and iron-on backing are custom patch attachment that you can try. These options have certain uses and advantages to help you in an efficient way of promoting your purpose. It would not be a problem if you haven’t made your choice yet, since our talented design staffs will assist and guide you in choosing the right patch backing options for you.

If you want a sturdier backing option, plastic backing is the perfect choice! With the rigid plastic added to your embroidered patches, it will be harder for your patch to lose its shape even in constant use. Button loop is the easiest way of attaching your embroidered patch to your clothing. You don’t have to sew it on or stick it on to it. Just hang it to a lapel pin or any button in your clothing and you’re custom patch is all set. For a quick and easy attachment of your custom embroidered patch, you can use the tape backing option. It is ideal for a quick change of clothing or outfit since it is flexible and easy to remove. You can also use the Iron-on patch backing option to position your patch in a more secure way. You just have to press an iron to it for few seconds and it will be permanently attached on to any clothing you want.

More custom patch options are available for you at the patches4less.com.

If you want to make your custom embroidered patch flashy and eye-catching, metallic thread is ideal to add on your designs. You have the freedom of what metallic thread colour you want to put on your custom patches. If you plan to put up to seven colours, no worries! Without any additional charges, put metallic thread colours on your design as much as you want.

Various patch border options are also available to make your patches more attractive among others. This is ideal to highlight your desired design and add an aesthetic effect to it. Standard round edges can be used to give your embroidered patches a sheer and simpler look. You can also choose hot cut edge border for sharp and detailed edges. This option will make your design more noticeable and attractive to people. If you want to achieve an elegant and stylish look, marrow border would be the best option for you.

When it comes to pricing, you can never go wrong with patches4less.com. Our custom patches’ price depends on the size of your patch. If you want to know the size of your patch, measure its width and length, add them together and divide it by two.

Here at www.patches4less.com, producing your custom embroidered patches is easier and faster than ever before. We use the 3-step system for a quick production and delivery of all your custom embroidered patches. Just send us your design and we will create a digital proof of it. Once you approved it, we will start manufacturing your embroidered patches right away and deliver it right at your doorstep. You can email us your designs with any of your desired PC format or any relevant artworks of it. We are very willing to take your designs and turn it to real quality custom patch products. So if you are in need of premium quality custom embroidered patches, send your designs now and we will be happy to provide all your custom patches needs.

From The Roman Empire To Challengecoins4less.com

Countless centuries ago, honorable soldiers of the Roman Empire who brought pride to their groups were presented with coins. These coins display the achievement and the triumph that they carry with their names. It is also recognized as a payment, together with other pieces of coins, for their commendable services. Centuries after that, these aforementioned coins were brought back to life when the First World War was ignited.

By the end of 1914, at least 1, 186,337 men had enlisted for World War I in the UK alone and certainly, many more have enlisted in other countries all around the world.

With the huge and growing figure counting the men in battle, it would have been highly challenging for them to recognize which soldier belonged to which service or battalion. In addition, the number of spies during the First World War and their tactics had been advancing to great levels. Without careful identification and recognition, it becomes easier for them to camouflage among the official men of a certain battalion. Fortunately, these problems were solved by a certain kind of coin called the “challenge coin”.

These “challenge coins” provided member recognition through the imprinted insignia on the surface of the coin and they also came with the traditional challenge – usually depending on the unit commander. These challenges were meant to exercise their morale as a group and discipline in following the rules. Moreover, these challenges were applicable only to the members of the unit who were officially in possession of their challenge coins.

Challenge Coin

Despite this rule, cases of challenges presented from a certain unit to a different one were reported, resulting to controversy. With that, challenge coins were regarded with more importance than before. These started to aim to remove the aforementioned conflict among groups.

The challenge coins did not only successfully fulfill their purpose of identifying members and presenting challenges for the unit’s morale, but they were also able to provide recreation or entertainment through the friendly competition these brought to the soldiers who were miles away from home and who were with minimal sources of entertainment. The soldiers have designed a little game wherein they must thrive to steal another member’s challenge coin for the victory will result to the whole group buying drinks for the winner.

Likewise, the member holding the highest rank – measured by the value of their acquired challenge coins – will receive the privilege of getting free drinks bought by the other members.

challenge coins

Today, several military groups all around the world are still using the challenge coins. However, they are not strictly made for the mentioned purposes. Custom challenge coins – like the ones that our clients order through challengecoins4less.com – are useful for many different occasions. Different groups of people can even use these items.

For instance, politicians who are in the business of campaigning order custom challenge coins that their supporters can wear as a symbol of their supporters’ loyalty. In addition, some of the orders we receive through challengecoins4less.com come from organizations such as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), and others. Even the government has their own custom challenge coins. Secret service agents, White house staff, and even the president’s personal valet receive their own coins during their time of service. This is, of course, designed for security and safety.

custom coinsIn line with this, our clients at challengecoins4less.com also include business groups. Moreover, the police departments and fire departments from different parts of the world have been designing and wearing their own custom challenge coins to display the pride that comes with their job and the specific group they belong to. Schools and universities all over the world –widely recognized or not – likewise, are doing the same.

It is no secret that these challenge coins have been around for more than centuries, serving successfully different purposes. They are also starting to arise as traditional accessories for identification. Luckily, challenge coins can be acquired not only from shops, but also from the comfort of one’s own home through online companies such as ours, challengecoins4less.com.

Truly, challenge coins have provided great service through the centuries. Now, alternative uses for this product are yet to be discovered because they are here to stay.

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Challengecoins4less can help you decide the best design for your custom coins as well as guiding you in deciding the perfect colors. We offer a full range of great options to customize and protect your coins and make them a part of everyday life.

What Are The Parts Of A Golf Club?

A wide array of golf clubs is available for golf enthusiasts, catering both amateurs and professionals. The number of options can be confusing to some, and so here’s a rundown of the basic parts of a golf club and why they matter.

Golf clubs are made up of three components: the grip, the shaft, and the head.

The grip is essential to ensuring that the player obtains the right ‘feel’ to their club especially when making a strike. It comes in three designs: wraps, cords, and non-corded. Wraps are the cheapest, and are good in the rain and for people with sweaty hands.

GolfCorded grips are the most expensive, and are made of woven strands, incorporated with rubber. These are known to be ideal for all types of weather, as it can get rid of moisture from the environment and from the player’s hands. However, the material construction of several corded grips can hurt players in the long term. Non-corded grips are slowly keeping up by using grips made out of a special kind of rubber that can deal with moisture while providing a smoother and softer surface, which is kinder to the hands.

The shaft of most golf clubs is made of either steel or graphite. It is an extension of the arms of the player and is therefore highly dependent on the body structure and the type of play that a person has. Graphite is known for its lighter weight and allows for a certain ‘bowing’ during a swing, also called the ‘flex’. The flex also adds to the distance covered by the ball after a hit. Steel, on the other hand is stiffer, and does not flex when swinging, thus making it a better choice for people who are skilled with fast swings. It also tends to vibrate during impact, which may affect players differently as some favor this kind of vibration as an indicator of how efficiently they were able to hit the ball, while others feel uncomfortable with it. Steel shafts are recommended for experienced players who go for power and faster swings.

Because of its lighter weight and more player-friendly nature, graphite shafts are commonly recommended to women, beginners, people with joint problems or other handicaps, and people who would prefer slow swings with longer distances. Graphite shafts weigh half of most steel shafts, and are able to reduce the impact felt by the player with every swing. It is gaining more popularity in the recent years, as more developments for graphite shafts are now being made to cater for longer distances, though the extent of control is not yet at par with steel.

Golf clubsLastly, club heads are the heaviest part of golf clubs and have the most variety of materials to choose from because this makes direct contact with the ball during the strike. It is commonly made of steel, aluminum, titanium, zirconia, or Ti-alloys. The surface is lined with grooves to impart spin and remove moisture between the club head surface and the ball.

Aluminum is popular for long drives while steel is commonly used for iron heads. Titanium is the most expensive material for club heads because of its strength, durability and light weight. This is normally used for high-end club heads and professional players.

Titanium alloys are also gaining popularity for club heads due to its improved strength. However these cannot be compared to pure titanium club heads as these are really just aluminum club heads that were reinforced with small amounts of titanium. These types of alloys are best suited for beginners and junior golfers.

A balance in weight distribution, size, and style are all needed to come up with the perfect club head, and these all depend on the needs of the player. Together with the grip and the shaft, all these considerations have to be made when choosing the most ideal set of golf clubs.

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